The Jack Daniel’s Barrel House Opened at the Lynchburg Facility

 - Jun 14, 2017
The Jack Daniel’s Barrel House 1-14 is a new olfactory experience located at the brand's original distillery. Located in the Lynchburg, Tennessee, where everything started for the brand, the rustic barrel house experience was designed by firm Clickspring Design and is a charming addition to the already iconic Tennessee distillery. The new set-up boasted inside includes seating for whiskey tastings in an aromatic, historic space.

Jack Daniel’s Barrel House 1-14 is the final product of an ambitious overhaul of the distillery's original barrel house, built in 1938. The transformation of the space into one that could host an elevated whiskey tasting experience is one that signifies the brand's continued prioritization of authenticity, as well as providing a solid blueprint for brands looking to offer direct-to-consumer experiences.