From Instant Cocktail Freezers to Botanical Wine-Based Ice Creams

 - Jun 25, 2017
June 2017 alcohol trends reveal two major themes – the increase of innovative devices that make beverage production simpler and better-tasting, as well as unlikely products that have been infused with alcohol.

Devices that aid in the process of making cocktails can be used by both bar owners and at home, with some of the distinct devices revealed this month being the Beyond Zero Liquor Freezing System that can make smoky frozen cocktails, and the Alchemix, which aids in the process of infusing different ingredients into cocktails, while also being able to carbonate beverages.

Brands are also beginning to infuse the distinct flavors of various alcohol beverages into unlikely food items, with some examples being Jeni's Chamomile Chardonnay ice cream, as well as Lakeland's cupcakes that are topped with prosecco-infused icing.