The 'Alchemix' Rapidly Infuses Liquors with Your Choice of Ingredients

 - May 19, 2017
References: kickstarter & uncrate
Infusing liquor usually takes several days in order to get the flavor just right, but the 'Alchemix' liquor infuser aims to change this with a design that provides a way to perform infusion in mere minutes.

The 'Alchemix' works in unit two minutes to create perfectly flavored liquors that can then be used in cocktails or enjoyed straight up, depending on how you prefer them. The 'Alchemix' achieves this capability by utilizing a mix of pressure and nitrous oxide in order to quickly prepare drinks to be ready for drinking in an instant.

The 'Alchemix' liquor infuser is also capable of being used for carbonating liquors in order to add a sparkling accent to cocktails that might benefit from it.