From Healthy Workplace Lunch Services to Portable Fitness Cushions

 - May 28, 2017
Whether it is a service that provides nutritious lunches at work or a cushion that allows users to workout on the go, the May 2017 lifestyle trends demonstrate that consumers are eager for new products and services that make it easier for them to cultivate healthy habits.

When it comes to adhering to a healthier diet, there are a number of services that help consumers eat well by curating their meals for them. For instance, LunchOwl is a corporate food service that provides businesses with nutritious meals for each employee. For those with kids, Raised Real is a startup that delivers baby-friendly packets of raw meat and veggies so that parents can easily prepare fresh food at home for their children.

However, the May 2017 lifestyle trends reveal that eating better is not the only thing on the minds of consumers. For those looking to stay fit without the need to make a trip to the gym, products such as Scoria's cork yoga mats or the Q-Sit balancing cushion are perfect options.