The Domino's Pizza Delivery Robot Has Just Launched in Europe

 - Mar 31, 2017
References: dominos & venturebeat
The Domino's pizza delivery robot is sure to shock some people when it shows up at their door. The robot, developed by Starship Technologies, is delivering pizzas to customers living in select German and Dutch cities. The robot will make deliveries to those living within a one-mile radius of the Domino's it calls home. The six-wheeled rover can carry up to 20 pounds of food and is monitored remotely in case something goes wrong or customers get a bit greedy.

The Domino's pizza delivery robot is being tested as part of a pilot program, but it's not hard to see it becoming a fixture in some cities sooner rather than later. A robot delivery force would cut costs and allow for more pizzas to be delivered. In cities that are less walkable the Domino's pizza delivery robot will not perform as well. For that situation we assume Starship Technologies is working on a drone to drop hot 'za from the sky.