From AI Beauty Assistant Apps to Luminous Light Therapy Beds

 - May 27, 2017
From AI beauty apps to skin-rejuvenating beds, the May 2017 tech trends reveal a growing emphasis on beauty-related technology. This not only refers to gadgets that help with cosmetic procedures, but also devices that help us feel good from the inside out.

On a more superficial level, there are a number of new beauty devices that help consumers preserve their looks as they age. One example is LightStim's LED Bed, which is designed to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

However, the May 2017 tech trends reveal that other beauty-related gadgets products go beyond the exterior to help consumers feel good on the inside as well. For instance, the Mild VR goggles combine the comfort of an eye mask with relaxing virtual images to help consumers de-stress and feel their best. Similarly, the Sunrise pillow is a light-embedded cushion equipped with smart technology that helps you track your beauty sleep and wake up in a more peaceful manner.