The Invoxia NVX 200 Charges Devices and Enables Teleconferencing

 - Apr 20, 2017
References: & yankodesign
The smartphone has seemingly made the landline an outdated piece of technology, but the Invoxia NVX 200 smartphone speaker docks are intended to transform the newfangled devices into the classic equipment. The Invoxia NVX 200 is capable of being used for making and receiving calls when you are at the office or have arrived home without having to actually hold your smartphone. The unit will enable you to use the teleconferencing and video conferencing functionalities of your smartphone while allowing it to charge on the base.

The Invoxia NVX 200 smartphone speaker docks are suitable for a wide array of different smartphone makes and models, and feature a traditional receiver for making and receiving calls. Users can even dial numbers the old-fashioned way on the keypad for a truly retro experience.