The 'Gaze' Refrigerator Appliance Shows Food without Opening it

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: yankodesign
It's a common practice to open the fridge to see what's inside, allowing much of the cold air to escape, so the 'Gaze' refrigerator appliance is designed to eliminate this occurrence.

The 'Gaze' fridge works by digitally keeping an eye on the interior portion of the appliance in order to display what's available on the inside on the exterior screen. This means that a hungry inhabitant can browse the selection without having to physically open the doors to take a peek and increase energy use.

The 'Gaze' refrigerator appliance is the design work of Heejin Youn and offers user the ability to completely track their grocery needs from the incorporated screen. This allows for a more comprehensive experience to always know what's needed.