Dior Insider's Technology is Available Through Facebook Messenger

 - Mar 30, 2017
References: buro247.me
Dior Insider is an AI beauty assistant platform, recently launched by the fashion megabrand. Known for its elegant range of clothing, cosmetics and fragrances, Dior is no stranger to experiential marketing and aims to foster a stronger connection to its target demographic with its newest venture.

The brand's Dior Insider platform is part of its plan to offer a more personalized approach to skincare and cosmetics shopping. Available through Facebook Messenger, the technology invites consumers to fill out a standardized set of questions, with premium shoppers gaining access to exclusive tutorials, makeup tips and even product samples before they complete their next purchase.

Additionally, this AI beauty assistant app allows shoppers to communicate with a virtual chatbot -- whether seeking answers to product-related questions or seeking access to branded social media content.