Peel Surf Co.'s 'The Orange Peel' Recycles Bits of Leftover Surf Board Wax

 - Apr 19, 2017
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
The surfing philosophy doesn't mesh well with environmental ravages, but many surfers are nonetheless damaging the environment whether they realize it or not, which is why Peel Surf Co. developed its product. Though it might not look like much, Peel Surf Co.'s newest product, 'The Orange Peel,' helps surfers to reduce their environmental impact while saving money and keeping themselves clean.

The Orange Peel is a bright orange silicon cup that surfers can use to recycle their leftover surf wax. It's designed to fit perfectly in cars' cup holders, and surfers are meant to leave their wax nubbins in it. Over time, the hot car interiors will melt the wax and form it to the shape of the cup — an ideal shape for surf wax. This prevents surfers from getting leftover wax on their clothes, all over their cars' upholstery, or left of the shore of the beach.