The Ghillie Camping Kettle Works to Heat Water from the Inside-Out

 - Apr 20, 2017
References: woodcookstove & werd
Rather than requiring placement on a fire or stove in order to be heated, the Ghillie Camping Kettle is designed to actually hold the fire within in order to heat water from the inside-out.

The kettle is designed with a hollow portion that works by being filled with kindling, leaves and other biomass in order to get a small fire going on the interior. This process heats the chamber that then heats the water to a boil without having to start a fire or rely on other means when in the great outdoors.

The Ghillie Camping Kettle has the nickname "volcano kettle" and, given the design aesthetic, is quite suited to this moniker. The kettle can be purchased from the company in three size options to suit different needs.