- May 30, 2017
As the May 2017 gadget trends reveal the worlds of sport and technology are coming together in new and exciting ways. Beyond step counters and non-slip earbuds, there are a wide range of gadgets available for anyone trying to stay active.

When it comes to listening to music at the gym, regular earbuds just won't cut it for many athletes. Instead, many are turning to products such as the CONDUIT Sports headphones, which are sweat-resistant and equipped with bone conduction technology.

Beyond headphones, the May 2017 gadget trends also demonstrate the ongoing demand for activity trackers. These products range from the more holistic Garmin Forerunner 935 fitness smartwatch, to more comprehensive options such as the Misfit Flare activity tracker. Great for amateurs and professionals alike, these devices help consumers ensure they are always at the top of their fitness game.

From Bone Conduction Sport Headphones to Holistic Athlete Watches: