This Bone Conduction Device is an Alternative to Uncomfortable Earbuds

 - Apr 15, 2017
References: japantrendshop & japantrends
With most earbud designs, the buds must be placed directly within the earbuds for music or other audio to be heard with clarity, but this bone conduction device introduces an entirely different listening experience.

For the most part, the EarsOpen Bone Conduction Earphones look no different from most conventional earbud designs, except that they are meant to be clipped onto the lower part of the ear, rather than inserted close to the eardrum. As such, the earbuds are more comfortable and still leave the ears open to hearing sounds in the surrounding environment—which is ideal for runners, cyclists or even those who are just working at their desk.

BoCo's unique earbuds deliver sounds through bone conduction and Dynamic Vibrator technology from Goldendance for its wired and wireless versions.