DroneDeploy Fieldscanner is an Instant Real-Time Mapping Tool

 - Apr 18, 2017
References: blog.dronedeploy & techcrunch
To the average consumer, drones are hobby products that amount to high-tech toys, but drones offer a bounty of practical benefits when equipped with the right tools — tools like DroneDeploy Fieldscanner. Far from a hobbyist's pleasure, DroneDeploy Fieldscanner is designed to give agriculture professionals an accurate and detailed real-time assessment of their land through the use of a drone.

DroneDeploy Fieldscanner makes use of cameras on drones. With the software, users can essentially send their drone on a route that most efficiently tracks the lay of the land. The mapping is done as the drone's camera takes in images, so users can guide their drone to different areas whenever they choose to get a digital map. This information, which can be manipulated an processed live, requires no internet connection, making it an even more practical tool for farmers in rural areas.