Lumactive Designs' Interactive Light-Up Clothing Responds to the Wearer

 - Apr 10, 2017
References: lumactivedesigns
This interactive light-up clothing responds to the wearer's body movements to create unique light displays. The party, dance, and festival scene is full of great light up outfits, but none of them actually respond to the wearer. You can dance as crazy as you want, but your outfit will still keep the same vibe.

Lumactive Designs' interactive light-up clothing line flips the script and puts you in charge of your outfit. It senses directional movement and allows you to create truly unique LED displays every time you step on the dance floor. It has three modes, all tailored to different situations: AllStar Mode dazzles and impresses by giving you the maximum control over the effects. Fire And Ice Mode adapts to your mood and automatically shifts through patterns based on whether you are feeling lazy, just walking around the event or letting loose. Visibility Mode is practical and helps you stay safe riding your bike home at the end of the night, or looking for your dropped keys.

This is Lumactive Designs' first product, and soon it will be rolled out into a full product line of fun interactive light-up clothing and accessories.