From Metallic Foil Freckles to Reactive Light-Up Clothing

 - May 29, 2017
Although Coachella has come and gone this year, the summer festival fashion season is well and truly upon us. With festivals taking place all over North America, Europe and beyond, many people are looking to celebrity cues and fashion bloggers for outfit inspo.

Summer festival fashion often extends into beauty looks as well. Mega watt highlighters, glitter and metallics are all stylish options, as seen with ultra-fine metallic glow kits (which comes in a convenient travel-ready palette), shimmering body scrubs and glittering dry shampoos.

When it comes to festival attire, flashy getups such as luxurious crystal bodysuits, iridescent butterfly backpacks and reactive light-up clothing will make you stand out in the crowd. Bohemian options are also prevalent, including ornately printed denim. Other apparel is more practical in nature, including contactless payment sunglasses and fruit-themed rain gear.