- Aug 30, 2017
These interactive clothing innovations range from programmable LED tees to vibrating smart leggings. While examples like the Wearable X line provide comfort and versatility, while tracking the accuracy of yoga poses digitally, others like Tesla Studios' 'Teslasuit' is specially designed for avid gamers. The high-tech garment was first introduced on crowdfunding plarform Kickstarter and aims to help consumers experience virtual comments through the sense of touch.

Other notable examples of interactive clothing include PolarSeal's heated activewear which can be adjusted during harsh weather conditions, along with 'The Cat Clutch,' which is an accessory that is easy to customize and transform. The clever handbag is equipped with pre-loaded LED patterns which users can switch to match their outfit of the day.

From Reactive Light-Up Garments to Programmable LED Tees: