This Feather-Covered Jacket Will Twitch When the Wearer is Facing North

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: birceozkan & fastcodesign
Designer Birce Ozkan recently created a feather-covered jacket that twitches whenever the wearer is facing north. For those who are terrible with directions, this jacket offers the power of avian navigation.

Ozkan came up with the idea for the augmented jacket after studying the way that birds navigate during migration season. She noted that birds can detect vibrations coming from the earth's magnetic field and this allows them to determine which directection to fly. Keeping this in mind, Ozkan came up with a feather-covered jacket that will twitch when the wearer faces north. This is possible thanks to an electronic compas and a series of small motors embedded in the jacket.

While the jacket may not be practical, it does demonstrate the potential for interactive fashion.