From Digitally Animated T-Shirts to Self-Cleaning Shirts

 - Nov 11, 2016
These creative t-shirt designs include interactive graphics, programmable LED screens and augmented reality technology integration to make a classic, simple garment far more intriguing.

While sleeves and a simple round collar are essential parts of the classic t-shirt, many of these designs go above and beyond by integrating other components. For instance, the 'Genius Tee' includes a microfiber pocket detail that can be used to clean the lenses of one's glasses or gadget screens.

Some of the other notable designs include impressive features built into the fabric of the shirts, such as temperature-regulating tools, fitness trackers and stain-proof materials, which makes them useful for all aspects of life. With the rise of wearable technology, consumers have come to expect that even the simplest of garments will have performance features.