This Hydrophobic T-Shirt is Completely Stain-Proof

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: thethreadsmiths & fastcoexist
An Australia-based startup called 'Threadsmiths' is currently producing a hydrophobic t-shirt that is completely stain-proof. The company was started by David Mason, who loved wearing white t-shirts, but hated the hassle of trying to keep them keep. As a result, he created a stain-proof shirt that requires virtually no cleaning.

The hydrophobic t-shirt from Threadsmiths is a basic cotton shirt that uses nanotech to repel liquids such as water, coffee and even hot sauce. The shirt even resists bacteria and the moisture from sweat, which means that consumers can go several weeks without washing the shirt.

The new technology is not only useful for helping consumers avoid embarrassing stains, but it also benefits the environment. By washing their clothing less often, consumers reduce their energy and water consumption significantly. As a result, the stain-proof shirts serve as an eco-friendly clothing alternative.