Cute Circuit's Dress Changes Color When a Breath is Taken

 - Aug 24, 2017
References: cutecircuit & psfk
Fashion-tech company 'Cute Circuit' is redefining the little black dress by infusing the wardrobe staple with graphene -- a conductive, lightweight material that can visualize the breathing patterns of the wearer.

The dress was created in collaboration with the National Graphene Institute and uses a sensor enhanced with the Nobel Prize-winning material. The sensor captures the breathing patterns of the wearer, translating those patterns into colors with the help of LED lights. If the wearer takes a shallow breath, the LEDs will change from orange to green; a deeper breath will change the color from purple to turquoise.

Graphene promises a wide range of potential within the technology and fashion industry, serving as a material stronger than diamonds and a better electrical conductor than copper.