The 'A*LIVE' Smart Safety Tools Send Out a Distress Call for Help

 - Apr 26, 2017
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
Finding yourself in a dangerous situation where you need help requires immediate action in order to ensure you don't fall victim to further injury or worse, so the 'A*LIVE' smart safety tools are intended to offer a solution.

The 'A*LIVE' works by keeping users connected to the network to send out a signal for help over 3G/4G, GSM or Iridium satellite, depending on what's available. The 'A*LIVE' works virtually anywhere in the world in the ocean or on a mountain to ensure that you can always send out an SOS call if you find yourself in need of help.

The 'A*LIVE' smart safety tools are backed by a low-cost monthly subscription that ensures you're always covered when heading out on a trek or international adventure.