Arctic Cool's Instant Cooling Line Keeps Consumers Cool While They Exerise

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: arcticcool & digitaltrends
Sweat isn't the only thing that workout apparel should be able to handle; keeping cool is essential as well, and Arctic Cool's 'Instant Cooling' line is designed to do just that. The clothing uses Arctic Cool's patented Hydrofreeze X Cooling Technology to keep people from heating up during their workouts.

The company's Hydrofreeze technology handles all the tasks of quality sports apparel. Not only does it wick away sweat like most other dry-fit gear, but it uses that sweat in the same way one's body does: as a cooling mechanism. Since water has a far higher heat capacity than air or fabric, it takes longer for it to heat up. By dispersing sweat (which is primarily composed of water) evenly throughout the fabric, Arctic Cool's clothing turns it into a natural coolant.