The 'Turbo FUSION' Toilet Stool Improves Posture

 - Apr 5, 2017
References: kickstarter & droold
The 'Turbo FUSION' toilet stool is designed with health-conscious people in mind in order to help them maintain better posture when they are in the bathroom. Fitting around the base of the toilet at the front, the 'Turbo FUSION' is meant to be stood on when you're sitting down to use the facilities. This is purported to make the process of going to the washroom easier and more fulfilling to ensure you get everything out the first time.

The 'Turbo FUSION' toilet stool features a completely adjustable height level, which makes it ideal for people of all heights to use the device with ease. The 'Turbo FUSION' also features a foot massager on the front to give yourself a mini massage when seated.