Japan's Kirin Brewery Offers Indoor Cherry Blossom-Viewing Events

 - Mar 31, 2017
References: air-hanami.kirin.jp & japantrends
It is a tradition for cherry blossom viewing events to be held outdoors at the first signs of spring blooms, but some businesses in Japan are now creating "air hanami," or fake flower-viewing events that take place entirely indoors. These events specifically appeal to consumers who are eager to celebrate the arrival of spring with their social group, even though the cheery blooms have not actually blossomed in nature.

Kirin is a Japanese brewery that has capitalized on this idea, offering its own 'Air Hanami Matsuri,' which seats guests under a canopy of artificial pink sakura blossoms.

The special event also helps to draw attention to special-edition packaging from Kirin that celebrates the arrival of a new season. Reportedly, beer can sales rise significantly during this season in Japan.