London's 40 Beak Street Will Be Built to Offer Champagne on Demand

40 Beak Street in London is set to be demolished and redeveloped as a dazzling five-storey building by Stiff + Trevillion architects. Some of the new features of the space will include a glazed brick facade and door handles that will be unique to the property, as well as champagne-ordering buttons for office workers.

This unique office concept takes inspiration from the famous Press for Champagne buttons at Bob Bob Ricard, and will make it possible for those inside the building to easily place orders for cocktails and caviar from the Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant on the ground floor of 40 Beak Street. As far as delivery goes, it is said that a series of "waiter-style lifts" will be used to deliver the food and beverage orders to the connecting offices above.