From Aged Luxury Tequilas to Arctic Fjord Whiskeys

 - Oct 4, 2017
These flavored alcohol innovations range from aged luxury tequilas to whiskey blends that are made with water from ancient glacier ice. In addition to examples like Patrón's Tequila's Extra Añejo -- a blend of honey, vanilla, and agave notes -- other notable spirits include Bottega's 'Crema Di Pistacchio,' This nut-based liqueur is ideal for balancing intense cocktail ingredients with a more neutral base.

When it comes to cocktail syrups, and garnishes, standouts include Artisan Sugar's Basil Gin cocktail cubes which marry natural sweetener with fresh herbs. Additionally, Floral Elixir Co's botanical cocktail syrups enhance the taste of DIY drink blends, while simultaneously replacing artificial sugars with a natural alternative.

Sushi-themed gin tastings, aromatic cocktail blends, and VR train tours round off this list and illustrate premium brands' desire to appeal to Millennial consumers who are seeking quality alongside a more sensory drinking experience.