Empress 1908 Gin Transforms from a Blue to Pink with a Tonic or Citrus

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: empress1908gin & bevindustry
Victoria Distillers recently launched an all-new natural gin that's been dubbed 'Empress 1908 Gin.'

The new gin spirit is a standout for its vivid blue coloring, which comes from an infusion of the butterfly pea blossom. In terms of taste, the product boasts a traditional gin flavor with notes of juniper berry and grapefruit The handcrafted spirit is prepared in small batches and boasts a total of eight botanicals. Victoria Distillers describes the base of the drink as an "ultra-clean 96%, Non-GMO corn, spirit base" that contains 42.5% ABV.

The Empress 1908 Gin is branded as "the original, all-natural color-changing gin" because when it is combined with a citrus or tonic, the indigo blue color of the spirit transforms into a soft pink color before one's eyes.