Fusion Vodka and Tequila Blends Vodka, Tequila and Flavors

 - Sep 25, 2017
References: smoochbeverages & bevindustry
Fusion Vodka and Tequila offers unique hybrid alcohol beverages to consumers by combining its six-time distilled Smooch Vodka with 100% agave Arriba Tequila. On top of this, the brand offers seven flavored varieties like Bubblegum, Maple, Blackcurrant, as well as an Original option for those who are looking for the purest experience.

The hybrid vodka-tequila beverages offer consumers an unconventional new way to discover two familiar types of alcohol in an entirely new way, which appeals to many adventurous young consumers who crave new kinds of drinking experiences.

Across the alcohol industry, it is becoming quite common to see other unconventional fusions, as well as beer flavors inspired by cocktails and different types of alcohol products taking packaging inspiration from adjacent categories.