Vodka Dot's Branding Evokes a Childishness That is Uncommon in Spirits

 - Sep 28, 2016
References: & abduzeedo
This youthful organic vodka branding is able to provide a playful aesthetic that offers a swift divergence from the minimalist or ornamental designs with which spirits are normally decorated.

The packaging was created by the graphic designer Den Dodson from Madrigal, Spain who chose to make this vodka brand as vibrant as possible in its design. Called 'Vodka Dot,' the alcoholic beverage reveals its name in the form of the word "vodka" and an ellipses that follows it. The labeling is featured in black and white, while red and white polka dots make up the rest of the bottle. The youthful organic vodka branding features a hook on its lid that makes for simple carrying.

This vodka branding takes a youthful route rather than a sophisticated one and the vibrant end result pays off.