This Blue Prosecco from Blumond Contains One Special Ingredient

 - May 8, 2017
References: saraceniwines & foodandwine
'Blumond' by winemakers Saraceni is the world's first blue prosecco.

Prosecco is known for its delicate, effervescent taste and rose prosecco has been popular on the mainstream for some time now. It is no surprise then that Saraceni is taking advantage of boldly hued sparkling beverages by developing a blue prosecco product. Blumond blue prosecco could add an unexpected, vibrant touch to bridal showers or parties.

What gives this product its one-of-a-kind coloring is the addition of sweet and fruity liqueur blue curacao. Made in Italy, Blumond is light, refreshing and sweet in taste. Blumond blue prosecco is available for order online for $22 a bottle. At 7% alcohol content, this should make a great sipping drink for special occasions.