AB Crémation Makes Eco Caskets Out of Recycled Paper

 - Apr 4, 2017
References: abcremation.fr & konbini
In an effort to give consumers more eco-friendly options for funeral services, a French company called AB Crémation is creating 'green; caskets out of recycled paper. With more people adopting environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives, it only makes sense that consumers would adopt the same attitude when it comes to end of life rituals.

AB Crémation makes what it calls 'recycled caskets,' which are actually made from recycled paper. Despite the unusual choice of material, the caskets are air-tight, can be hermetically re-sealed and even have the ability to carry up to 550 lbs. Most importantly, the cardboard caskets are an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden coffins, because they take just one year to biodegrade, while the wooden versions can take 10 to 15 years.