DrnkPay Keeps Users from Impulse Spending After Drinking

 - May 12, 2017
References: drnkpay & thenextweb
Alcohol disinhibits -- for many people, that's precisely its appeal -- but there are certain inhibitions that should remain in place, and DrnkPay is an app that technologically reinstates one of those after users have tipped back a few too many. The app, designed by financial consultants iBe TSE, prevents users from making impulsive purchases while drunk.

DrnkPay works in conjunction with either a connected breathalyzer or a wearable smart wristband. Before a night out, users set a drink limit on DrnkPay, which is connected to their bank account. In order to make any purchases throughout the rest of the night, users need to get either the breathalyzer or the wristband to confirm that they're below their self-imposed limit. The app can also be set to stop only specific weaknesses, such as takeout food or extra drinks, rather than all purchases.