The Absolut X Libs Elliott Vodka Branding Celebrates Canada Day

 - May 19, 2017
References: youtube & absolut
Artist Libs Elliott and Absolut Vodka have teams up to create limited-edition packing for a collaborative Absolut X Libs Elliot bottle.

Libs Elliot is a Canadian textile artist who has resurrected a classic Canadian quilt pattern 'The Maple Leaf' and used a computer program to randomize sections of it. She then sewed the randomized pattern together, creating a beautiful geometric motif. In the Absolut X Libs Elliot collaboration, the pattern Elliott has made is printed on the vodka bottle.

This is an excellent juxtaposition of Canadian tradition and Canadian innovation. Quilts are items that have long been a part of Canadian heritage, and this celebratory Canadian packaging reinvents them as a modern patriotic symbol. Canadian consumers are sure to embrace this bold marketing approach as it reflects nostalgia while also looking forward to the future.