- Jun 24, 2017
June 2017 packaging trends reveal a more modern focus on products that have more often been considered "traditional", as well as a medicinal twist on food packaging that makes products appear more trustworthy to consumers.

One example of the former is Jola Honey's brand identity for its infused honey products. The products are packaged in individual one-use plastic tubes, in larger tubes with wooden screw tops, and in small glass jars. Each product features an aesthetically pleasing marbled appearance that makes them stand out among its more traditional competitors.

The brand Robot Food is offering its protein-based products in packaging that resembles that which most medicinal products are offered in. This design allows consumers to understand the health focus of the brand's products, and makes the brand appear more trustworthy than its competitors.

From Marbled Honey Labeling to Medicinal Protein Packaging: