Russell Stover's Reformulated Range is Sweetened with Stevia Extract

As many consumers look for better-for-you, sugar-free candies and snack options, confectionery brands are responding with reformatted products that put an emphasis on clean ingredients and health.

After two years of refining its recipe, Russell Stover recently launched its own reformatted range of sugar-free chocolates, which are said to boast the same taste and texture as its classic products—but with stevia leaf extract as a natural sweetener in place of sugar. Some of the sweets that have been reformulated to perfection by Russell Stover include dark chocolate mint patties and peanut butter cups, both of which can be sampled in the brand's 'Assorted 4 Flavor Mix.'

The updated Sugar Free range from Russell Stover now also sports fresh new packaging that targets all consumers, not just the ones who are health-conscious diabetics.