Swedish Supermarket Chain Coop is Packing Its Ground Beef with Less Plastic

 - May 24, 2017
References: pressrum.coop.se & esmmagazine
This week, Swedish supermarket chain Coop—often called the most sustainable retailer—launched a new packaging for its ground beef. The old plastic trays will be replaced with "Mince on a roll." This change has benefits for customers, the retailer and the environment.

Now, customers will need to carry home less plastic and will get a mince with longer shelf life—16 days instead of just eight days in the old packaging. This change will contribute to overall food wastage reduction in supermarkets and homes.

A new smart roller shape design allows the chain to optimize shelf space in meat counters, cut packaging materials expenditures by 82%, and improve the efficiency of transportation, thus reducing transport emissions impact by 31%.

The new design will be used for Coop's 500g packs of minced beef, but the retailer plans to expand the concept to mixed and pork range in the future.