This Beverage and Its Packaging Encourage Slow Life Culture and Mindfulness

 - May 22, 2017
References: & dezeen
There's no doubt that caffeinated drinks do well on the market, but that leaves a pretty lucrative niche for the anti-energy drink too. The creators of slow.down recognize that an entire consumer base already exists for this sort of product, so they set out to make the ultimate antithetical beverage to your Red Bull or your Rockstar.

With the help of Opus B, the soothing and healthy drink was packaged in a bottle resembling an hourglass, to really underscore this theme of the passage of time. The consumer can discern the word "slow." in minimalist black text on the container. Split the package apart to open the decaffeinated slow.down, and you have two servings to empty very gradually into a glass. Further text reveals itself, throughout a calming process of unhurriedly pouring and enjoying this anti-energy drink.