The Look and Taste of Seaworthy Vodka Captures the Flavors of the Sea

 - May 1, 2017
References: lovelypackage
Made using Australian botanicals Saltbush, Dorrogo Pepperleaf, Lemon Myrtle and Corriander Seed, Seaworthy Vodka was crafted to highlight the flavors of the sea.

In conjunction with themed packaging that doesn't feel too contrived, Seaworthy makes for a product with a very direct source of inspiration; to be the perfect vodka for a Bloody Mary. The graphics on the Seaworthy Vodka packaging mimic the scars and erosions that would happen naturally if left in the ocean, but in bold contrasting colors. To further the theme, the bottle comes packaged in a worn wooden box, which sits inside a cotton net bag.

Seaworthy Vodka offers the drinker a truly immersive product experience.