Abanico Chocolat & Cadeaux Has New Products Inspired by Its Name

The brand 'Abanico Chocolat & Cadeaux' enlisted the creative agency 2S Global Design to create packaging and branding for its chocolates, with the resulting products taking direct inspiration from the brand's name.

The word "abanico" is a Spanish word that translates to "hand fan" in English, and 2S Global Design sought to take inspiration from the brand's name in order to create something unique for it. The resulting chocolate packaging comes in the form of slim rectangular boxes that are stacked on top of one another and joined at the end – forming a fan shape when spread out. This shape is reminiscent of both the hand fan that the Abanico Chocolat brand is named after, as well as the fan decks used to show color samples.

Abanico Chocolat & Cadeaux's new packaging is able to offer its products in a way that is both creative and functional.