Woodford Reserve's Kentucky Derby Cocktails Cost $2,500

For those who don't appreciate the subtleties of horse racing, the Kentucky Derby still has a lot to offer by way of alcohol, and Kentucky's own Woodford Reserve bourbon distillery has created a drink that might give even the most highfalutin derby attendee the vapors. Woodford Reserve's Kentucky Derby mint juleps cost an eye-popping $1,000 or $2,500 each, though not without good reason.

The megalomaniacal mint juleps are more than just bourbon, sugar, and mint. Both of the two cocktail options come with straws and cocktail cups that the drinker keeps after they've finished imbibing. The Noble Cup, the less expensive of the two mint juleps, comes in a silver-plated cup with a gold-plated straw, and the Royal Cup comes vice versa.