The Four Loko Shots are Bold in Flavor and Branding

 - May 10, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The infamous Four Loko from Phusion Projects caused quite a stir some years ago when it became quite popular with young consumers, so the brand has created the Four Loko Shots in order to keep the brand's namesake attitude alive.

The new lineup of shots includes the Green Tornado, Screw Ball and Dragon's Breath, which are all vibrantly colored, graphically branded and intended to catch the eye of consumers immediately. The shot beverages are intended to be consumed straight or mixed into cocktails in order to provide an intense flavor experience with a strong alcohol content (each of the varieties features 70 proof ABV).

The Four Loko Shots are likely to tap into the burgeoning market for flavored cocktails and shots that are decidedly different from the strong beer and liquor recipes favored by previous generations.