The Cocktail Trading Company Playfully Presents Underappreciated Drinks

The iconic martini glass or the curvy cup that is typically used to serve a piña colada are not some of the tried-and-true vessels that are being used to serve the newest drinks from The Cocktail Trading Company.

For the creation of its newest storytelling cocktail menu, The Cocktail Trading Company decided to inspire a new appreciation for "unsung classics" by presenting them in offbeat vessels. For instance, the directions for making the Jack Rose cocktail explains that equal parts of Jack Daniels, Jagermeister banoffee and ginger-redbush gelato should be combined, shaken, mixed and then strained into an apple. Similarly, the simply named 'Punch' is served in a shapely conch seashell and the Jupiter Cocktail is meant to be served in a "planet-shaped drinking vessel."