Port2Port Wine's 'Stories' Feature Highlights the Romance of Wines

 - May 12, 2017
References: port2port.wine & enca
Port2Port, a South African fine wine retailer, has recently launched a 'Stories' platform on its website to give consumers a more authentic connection to the hundreds of wines that the company offers. Considering that wine has a history dating back thousands of years and a reputation as a classy, romantic drink, using stories to color wine only adds to its appeal.

Typically, wine differentiation doesn't stray much beyond basic metrics: things like country of origin, year of vintage, and variety. This leaves little room for an authentic brand experience, as it forces consumers to think of wine as a commodity rather than something deserving of emotional engagement. With Port2Port's Stories platform, fine wine brands have the opportunity to tell the stories behind the wines, giving consumers a romance that they wouldn't have otherwise.