Bark Brew Comes in Calming, Beef, and Chicken Ale Varieties

 - May 16, 2017
References: petwinery
Bark Brew is a craft beer company specializing in custom ales for man's best friend. The dog-friendly beer brand offers three signature drink varieties -- a 'Chicken Ale,' a 'Beef' flavor, and lastly a 'Calm' blend.

Each dog beer is made from a mix of meaty ingredients -- with salmon being the exception and key additive in Bark Brew's Calm drink. Additionally, filtered water, malt extract, and other preservatives are added before the pet beverages are bottled.

These dog-friendly beer flavors are free from hops and are not carbonated, ensuring easy digestion. The dog beers are a drinkable treat and are reflective of the pet industry's dedication to unexpected and premium product offerings that draw inspiration from human-grade food and beverage innovations.