Daniel Perlman's Wine Bottle Concept Prevents Unwanted Messes

 - May 4, 2017
References: grubstreet
A biophysicist based out of Brandeis University has just created a drip-free wine bottle. Every wine drinker is familiar with the final drip that pours down the neck of the bottle. The small but inevitable drip often leads to unwanted messes, and has been a major cause of frustration among the wine-drinking community.

Daniel Perlman spent three years studying the flow of liquid and finally came up with a solution to the bottle-spillage issue. Perlman devised a drip-free wine bottle with a small cut in its lip, which prohibits wine from spilling down the side of the bottle.

Perlman is familiar with other wine-related technology which also aims to end the drip, but notes all of these innovations as accessory-based - an additional item which can be fashioned onto the wine bottle. Perlman wants to change the wine bottle itself, at no extra cost to the consumer.