The Alchemix is Able to Instantly Infuse and Carbonate Liquor

 - May 19, 2017
References: kickstarter
The Alchemix claims to be the first mixology tool of its kind, functioning as an alcohol infuser and carbonator that people are able to use in their home bars.

Those who enjoy the practice of creating cocktails will likely take interest in the Alchemix, both for its unique functions and the fact that it makes cocktail-mixing a much more creative practice. The first feature of the Alchemix is its N2O cartridge, which allows users to easily infuse ingredients that may be difficult to juice – such as charred oak chips in whiskey. The second function is its ability to instantly carbonate a beverage with its CO2 cartridge.

The Alchemix is the perfect tool for alcohol aficionados seeking to enhance their creations.