Kery Logistics' HQ Has Been Transformed into a Realm of Color and Art

 - Jun 15, 2017
References: beanburo & beanburo
Kerry Logistics in Hong Kong has been transformed into an art-infused realm of color and design that's creating an enhanced visitor experience for its guests. Bean Buro, the firm responsible for the redesign aimed to offer the tech company's elite client base with a "unique impression through the introduction of contemporary art, while also reflecting the industrial context of the cargo center."

The building's entrance features a congregation of LED light columns, with colors that stay true to the company's branding -- pink, yellow and orange. At night, the columns glow and pulsate, creating a rhythmic interpretation of the company's logistical bar charts. The building's interior fuses technology and art through the use of bright loungers and sculptural furniture, LED screens, and elaborate color schemes used in meeting rooms.