Maestrani’s Chocolarium is a Vibrant, Family-Friendly Experience

 - Jun 15, 2017
Maestrani’s Chocolarium is an immersive brand experience suitable for visitors of all ages located in eastern Switzerland. Designed by Cologne-based communications agency Simple, Maestrani’s Chocolarium was created with a view of being an experiential "chocolate factory of happiness," that differed from the normal format of chocolate brand visitor centers in the country, which often resembled factory outlets.

The multi-sensory experience of Maestrani’s Chocolarium is designed to equally reflect Maestrani’s three chocolate brands: Minor, Munz and Maestrani. Rich details such as theater seating in the shape of chocolate chunks and windows designed to frame the scenic Swiss landscape that surrounds the facility. The overall experience is defined by various exhibits and hands-on activities that will make it the perfectly well-rounded family day out.