MF+ Arquitetos' 'Casa MCNY' Blurs Indoor and Outdoor Space Barriers

 - Jun 19, 2017
References: dezeen
MF+ Arquitetos' latest project embraces green wall architecture in a residential setting. The home is titled 'Casa MCNY' and is located in the heart of Franca, Brazil. This hybrid residence blurs the lines between interior and exterior, and is equipped with a transformative deck which opens into the home's backyard.

Casa MCNY transforms the meaning of traditional green wall architecture with a hybrid design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. "The house's simple concrete structure has a low profile and a turfed roof that enhances its connection with the surrounding landscape."

The residence is surrounded by plant-covered partitions, with greenery that is subtly penetrated by the sun's rays. The home's wood clad exterior includes accordion-like doors which open to reveal a lush garden, creating a seamless transition from its communal interior spaces to the great outdoors.